The best juicer under $100 is good choice for normal working. There are a few juicers which I have experience and these are under 100$. I always prefer these juicers because these are the Best juicers under 100$.

There are many juicers that have all those qualities which are in the costly juicers. Hence, there is no headache for you if you don’t have more money to purchase an expensive juicer.

Always chose affordable juicers. It works the same as expensive juicers.

Mueller Austria Ultra – Slow Cold Press Masticating Juicer / Best Juicer Under $100

Best Juicer Under $100

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Mueller Austria Ultra – Slow Cold Press Masticating juicer is a good budget juicer for the user. If you want to purchase the best juicer under $100 then, I suggest that among juicers no one is best then Muller Austria Ultra – slow cold press masticating juicer.

This masticating juicer made in Germany. It has a large intake chute easily take any fruit without destroying it. A low RPM motor which is the best juicer under $100 has multiple functions. It is a simple yet high-quality juicer.

Its large 3inches cute makes it easier for fruits and vegetables to intake in the juicer. They did not need to slice the fruits. The large cute is removable, permit you to use small feed.

A modern 150-watt motor that can help you to make juice easily. It alleges more juice and fresh taste juice with a high amount of vitamins compared to other juicers. The best juice extractor with high juice yields the same as a juicer for celery.

One best thing is that it has 2 years warranty.


The Mueller Austria Ultra masticating juicer is easily used by any user. A large 3 inches cute intake fruits and vegetables easily. It has a high juice yield with more vitamins and enzymes.

If you are in a hurry and feel lazy and want to drink a heavy juice drink. You can easily make a juice drink in just a few 5seconds. That is wonderful.

A new user can easily handle it. The safety button is best for operating. You can easily operate it with a safety button. It works effectively with high-level vitamins and enzymes.

You can easily clean it in a short time. You can toss all the parts into the dishwasher and then clean it with any kitchen soap. I suggest you to always use juicer after washing it.

  • Best juicer under 100$
  • Best Masticating juicer
  • Longer enduring juice
  • Safety button for operating
  • If the parts are not connected well it cannot work
  • Dishwasher not safe
  • Louder than other masticating juicers
  • Work slowly
  • Short time warranty
  • NNot best for leafy greens

Hamilton Beach Juicer (67850) / Best Juicer Under $100

Best Juicer Under $100

The Hamilton Beach Juicer (67850) is a very low price product and best juicer under $100. It is a normal working juicer. It comes with two speeds.

Two speeds help you to adjust the speed according to need. Through which you can easily work according to your ingredients. It has a very attractive shape.

You can place it into the kitchen as a showpiece. You are paying a lot of money for these things which are attractive and you can place it in the kitchen as a showpiece. But that juicer is less expensive and you can place it in the kitchen as a showpiece.

External pulp collector for continuous juicing. You work continuously without any issues. The motor of the juicer is very strong, winding with original copper wire.

The sharp blades of the juicer which is the best juicer under $100 crush the whole fruits and vegetables in a very short time. It works hard and doesn’t heat up after use.

It works effectively. In your budget, no one is best then Hamilton Beach Juicer 67850. It has some bad features but it is not bad.

You can purchase it for normal working and do not afraid due to its some bad features. It is not a good juicer. This will protect fewer foam shields on juice. Best juice extractor.

You can place it as a showpiece into the kitchen.

Use/ Clean

Hamilton is user-friendly. You can easily use it without any headaches. It is best for normal working. Always choose that juicer that works effectively and looks beautiful.

Easily clean by anyone. Heaving safety cleaning tool through which you can easily clean the cutting blades. All the parts easily separated then you can easily clean it.

Toss all parts into the dishwasher easily. It has been cleaned easily with kitchen soap. After clean its shines nice.

Clean the juicer especially cutting blades that are best for you for drinking fresh juice.

  • Very attractive
  • Premium Design
  • 3 inches wide feeding tube
  • Fast juice Extraction
  • Two speeds
  • Portable
  • Best juicer under 100$
  • Noisy
  • BPA free not
  • Not ideal for leafy greens
  • Low juice yield
  • Not heavy duty

Gourmia GJ1350 Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Juicer / Best Juicer Under $100

Best Juicer Under $100

Gourmia GJ1350 Stainless Steel Juicer is the best every digital display best juicer under $100. It is according to your budget. The best thing is that it is a digital display of two color juicer.

This is a squat, square shape black and silver juicer. The whole fruits juicer and that’s a good thing for regular juicing. The motor of the juicer is 800-watt.

Bigmouth juicer which intakes the whole fruits. You did not need to cut the fruits before juicing. It is a big mouth juicer with a stainless steel blade.

Vegetables and fruits are easily transformed into juice. It has multiple power showing speed which displays on the screen. The digital display increases your interest.

The powerful stainless steel blade crushes all fruits and vegetables easily. Blades are designed in such manner, that it crushes fruits and vegetable quickly.

Mesh filter protects the nutrients from all parts of the fruit. Its filter protects the juice from the pulp. Hence, high juice yields.

Through its filter, you can control the pulp quantity. As a result, you can drink a smooth juice. The best filter is best for juicing.

Heavy Duty

It’s heavy-duty motor work quickly. 800-watt power motor is winding with pure copper wire. Due to its heavy copper wire make juice very fast.

If you want to drink the juice according to the pulp which you want, then no one is best for you then Gourmia GJ1350 stainless steel juicer. You can easily drink juice according to need by using this user.

Best square shape juicer with digital display. You want a digital display juicer. Then the best one for you is the Gourmia GJ1350 juicer. It also the best juicer for celery.

Four speeds of the juicer help you to work quickly. You can fix the speed of juicer according to time. If you are in a hurry then fix the full speed you received a healthy drink quickly.

Gourmia is the best extra-large juicer receiver which helps you in juicing.

  • Affordable digital juicer
  • Best filter
  • Two-color with stainless steel
  • High juice yield
  • Pulp control according to need
  • Best Four speeds
  • Large in size
  • Bulky design

BELLA BLA13694 Juice Extractor / Best Juicer Under $100

Best Juicer Under $100

The BELLA BLA13694 is a 1000-watt powerful juicer extractor. One thing that is main it has two speeds. The Bella is a fresh juice extractor and best juicer under $100.

It is an affordable best juice extractor. The powerful motor of juice is best for buyers. It is a 1000-watt powerful heavy-duty motor that makes juice quickly.

This is the bold statement from a manufacturer. Heavy-duty motor forces it to do work hard and give more output to the user. It extracts more juice and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables.

The sharp blades of the juicer mesh the fruits easily. The motor is winding by heavy copper wire. The noise of the juicer is less. So, you can enjoy the silent working of juicers.

It has a high juice yield. The spinning blades of the juicer are spin at high speed. As a result ratio of the pulp is low.

It also contains a removable pulp container and a micro-mesh filter. The removable pulp container keeps away the kitchen from dirt.

The micro-mesh filter is the main other things. It is made of stainless steel. Countless micro pores filter the juice without pulp.

This juicer works friendly. Through its help, you can get daily fresh nutrients. Its powerful blades extract the fresh and healthy full, of nutrients juice from fruits.


You can easily clean it. All parts of the juicer are easily tossed into the dishwasher. It can easily wash by a new user.

Always recommend that juicer which helps you in a hurry. If you are in a hurry and you want to drink fresh juice. So, it can help you without very much.

It gives you a fresh juice drink in a short time. You can easily maintain a healthy life by drinking fresh juice daily. I prefer you to always drink the juice.

If you want to purchase a juicer under 100$, then no one is best then it. Because it has all those features which usually in a costly juicer.

  • Two speeds
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • High juice yield
  • Best mesh filter
  • Dishwasher
  • Low warranty
  • Bulky design

Hamilton Beach plus 2-Speed Juice Extractor / Best Juicer Under $100

Best Juicer Under $100

Hamilton Beach plus 2 –speed juice extractor is a decent juicer in 100$. Centrifugal juicer according to your budget. A big mouth juicer which intakes the whole apple r small fruits, without slicing it.

The juicer gives you more nutrients juice with high enzymes. Fresh taste juice this juicer gives you in a short time.

This one comes with the 800-watt powerful motor. The motor is winding with pure copper wire. It is usually made for daily work.

Sharpe blades of the juicer work effectively. You just put fruit in it, and they will extract juice in a few seconds. The working of this juicer is similar to expensive juicers.

The best thing is that it has two speeds. If you have a hard ingredient you can fix the high speed. Otherwise, you set the low speed and easily done the work.

Pulp bin is large you can easily make juice the whole day and then easily wash the pulp bin. It has a low pulp ratio.

Fast and sharp blades that are made with stainless steel cut whole ingredients easily. The shape is made in that manner which works very quickly.

The shape of the juicer is attractive. A two-color juicer with two speeds and this is decent.


The powerful 800-watt motor which is winding with the copper wire. Best copper wire is used in winding which increases its lifetime.

Make some noise while working but did not irritating you. Such, a noise which is mostly all the juicers. This is the best juicer according to your needs.


A user can easily wash it in a very short time. A safe dishwasher is also with the juicer. Toss all parts in it and can easily be washed.

Always use the juicer after washing it. Because it is best for physical fitness, it can easily wash by any kitchen soap. It shines after every wash.

  • Affordable
  • Centrifugal juicer is fast
  • Best juicer under 100$
  • Extra juice yield
  • Pulp bin
  • Best dishwasher
  • Noisy
  • Not BPA free
  • Not good for leafy greens
  • Did not help you to make almond milk
  • Not heavy duty